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PCs in the Library

The PCs in the Library are a limited resource and are to be used for academic purposes only. Any non-academic or gaming use e.g. Social Networking is not permitted. Such misuse is against ICT Terms and Conditions of Use. Anyone in breach of such will be asked to leave the PC.

File Storage

  • Every user has access to their own individual home directory or user area. Please save to your user area first before saving to any other media.
  • USB Memory Keys which have software that load when it is inserted into the USB port of the PC, cannot be installed onto /used on the Library PCs. Users do not have the appropriate administrator rights to install any software on these PCs. We would advise that such software be removed from the USB Memory Key (on your Home PC) prior to using it in the Library.


  • The following applications are installed on the Library PCs for your convenience.
    • Microsoft Office 2010 / Open Office 3.x
      • Word / Writer
      • Excel / Math
      • Powerpoint / Impress
      • Publisher / Draw
      • Project / Calc
      • Access / Base
    • Macromedia Studio 8
      • Dreamweaver 8
      • Fireworks 8 
      • Flash 8
    • Internet Browsers
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer
      • Mozilla FireFox
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • SAGE 50
  • If using Microsoft Works at home it is best practice to save the file as a Word (*.doc) for future use on the PCs in the Library.
  • Computer Services cannot provide assistance on the use of any application installed on the PCs in the Library, such assistance is provided through your Section, Department or School.

Automatic Logout

  • The Library PCs are configured to log out after 15 minutes of inactivity. A one minute countdown is displayed before this action is carried out. Any unsaved work will be lost. It is the right of another student to use a PC that has been logged out if no other PCs are available.

Wireless Accessibility

  • The following wireless access points are available in the following locations in the Library.
    • 1st Floor - full coverage
    • 2nd Floor - Slievefoye Seminar Room and surrounding area
    • Other locations in the Institute include The Coffee Dock, Gerry's Diner (Student Common Area), TK Whitaker Theatre and the Restaurant
  • Computers Services can assist in the connectivity to the wireless network but cannot provide hardware and software support for personal laptops
  • Most laptops require that your wireless card be turned on, either by a physical button on the laptop or by a key combination e.g. Fn and F2.

When viewing the list of available networks, always connect to . This is the official DkIT wireless network.

User Accounts

  • All users should login in using their own personal login details which were provided to you at registration. It is an offence to use any other person's login. Your login details are personal to you and must not be divulged to any other person.
  • All Students with a valid DkIT student card are eligible for IT Support.

Computer Services aim to provide a reliable and efficient IT service for staff and students of the Institute. If you are having technical difficulties or if there is equipment out of order please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Computer Services team. All Students with a valid DkIT student card are eligible for IT Support and a Computer Services technician is on hand to provide assistance with your queries. The Computer Services technician is located at the Computer Services office beside the photocopying/ printing support area on Floor 1 of the Library.

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