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IT Service Delivery Management

The Computer Services department aim to provide an effective and efficient IT service  to all our clients.

This is brought about by adapting and improving on how we provide that service to users.

The following document links outline how we go about refining and delivering IT service to our web/campus based users.


How We Manage Incidents

How We Manage Incidents

Services can be impacted by many things , our task is to identify a root cause of the issue impacting service delivery and improving on that by dealing with the issue in an effective manner as possible.

Read the Incident handling procedure document to see how we go about this.

How We Manage Change

How We Manage Change

How we manage change
In order to resolve service delivery issues it may be necessary to change our underlying systems that impact on the service in question.

 Read the Change management Procedure document to see how we manage change to our IT service platform.

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