Note that while connected to the guest network, you should engage in casual internet use only. Extreme caution is advised as this network is open and not secure, very much like using a wireless hotspot in a hotel, pub or restaurant.

If you intend to login to any websites (email, online banking etc) be sure they use https:// and/or the lock icon is displayed in the browser (although you should probably NOT use sites like this on the guest network).

You are also encouraged to read our Wireless Internet Usage Policy

Tips to keeping secure on an open wifi network

  • Use encryption to protect your files and folders. Good example include TrueCrypt and CryptoForge.
  • Use a personal firewall on your laptop. The Windows firewall is adequete, but better still is third party solutions like Comodo and ZoneAlarm.
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date and scan regularly, especially after using open wifi networks. Use something like AVG or Avira to protect your personal laptop.
  • Above all, use common sense. For example, a pop-up window asking you to enter personal details or some payment information is likely a scam, especially if you did nothing to request it.
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