User Accounts and Services

User Accounts

The User Account & password details given to you at registration will allow you to access many services on campus.

This account will be active within 24 hours of your registration. It is important that you keep your account information secure as you would your Bank Account PIN details. The following services are available.


This account is used for email communication by the Institute administration office and lecturers to communicate with students individually or to class/project groups. The address of the college email system is


A course development system used by lecturers to prepare course content that is accessible by student son the web. The address for this service is

Use of the IT Facilities at DkIT

By using the ICT facilities at DkIT you are agreeing to the ICT terms and condtions of use as outlined at .

PC Access

The User Account is used extensively in the following schools: Engineering; School of Nursing, Midwifery, Health Studies and Applied Sciences; Business and Humanities; Informatics, Music and Creative Media and also for the public access PCs in the Library.

Accessing Library PCs

When you go to one of these PCs you will be asked to read the Terms & Conditions of Use of the equipment.

You will then be presented with a Login Screen. Your username & password details for this Login Screen are distributed at registration.

Storage Space for Students

Students may store documents and files in the "My Documents" folder while logged in to any PC. files stored here will be available to you again next time you login to any PC. Only college related data may be stored in this space.

Please note that your home directory will be cleared down on 30 June.

Removable Media

Please use USB memory sticks to store your data. These can be purchased in the College Shop.

Hint: If you do not have removable media to transfer data, use your email system to save the message as a draft - you can retrieve this information later at home!

Software Available for Home Use

Computer Services have negotiated deals with certain software suppliers that allow students to use software on their home computers. Ask any member of Computer Services staff for details. 

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