Applications Provided

A PDF Reader is installed as is Standard Microsoft Office 2010 with Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.

If you require any more specialised software or operating system you should arrange to use a self-configured laptop. If you wish to use specialised software, you must check that it is available for the PC configuration that you are using (check that software is licensed for use on the PC in the area that you propose to use).

In any case, to avoid technical difficulties, we strongly recommend that where possible you use your own laptop.

If you are using a laptop please note the following:

  • You will need to know how to switch the laptop’s screen output to the VGA (projector) port.
  • You will need a gender changer if your machine does not have a VGA port., Screen refresh rate.
  • Screen resolutions higher than 1064 by 768, and wide screens, may not project properly onto existing facilities; please check with local support staff onsite.
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