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IT Strategy

The Executive Board created an IT Strategy Committee (ITSC) early in 2013. This followed the adoption of the Institute's strategic plan and its requirement that an IT strategy be developed as one of the core thematic strategies. The ITSC's task was to develop this strategy for the period until 2016.
The committee completed an IT strategy document having distributed the draft documentation to All Staff on 14-Nov-2013 for commentary early in December 2013 (6-Dec).

The final document was presented and approved by the Execuive Board for approval on 31-January-2014.


The IT Strategy committee members are:

  • Dr Gerard (Bob) McKiernan, Head of School of Informatics & Creative Arts (Chair)
  • Mr James McCahill, IT Strategy Co-ordinator (Secretary)
  • Mr Gerry Gallagher, E-Learning Development Co-ordinator
  • Mr Peter McGrath, Financial Controller
  • Ms Caroline O'Sullivan, Senior Lecturer in Section of Creative Media
  • Dr Brendan Ryder, Assistant Registrar



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