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Pre-Event IT Support Assessment Form

To ensure events are properly flagged and supported, please see below some instructions and guidelines for event organisers:

  • You must notify Computer Services about the event via IT Helpdesk ticket at least one week in advance. Longer for large (multi-room) or long running events.
  • The attached document must be completed and attached to the Helpdesk ticket as soon as possible. Please liaise with the technician when completing this form.
  • The standard room equipment and software is detailed on the document. The event organiser must arrange for the supply of any additional equipment or software required.
  • Computer Services technical staff are available 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri to support classes and normal Institute activities and may not be available to support ad-hoc events during work hours.
  • The ability to provide dedicated technical support outside hours is dependent on the availability of staff and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Under no circumstances should IT equipment be disconnected or moved in any room in the Institute by anyone except a Computer Services technician.



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