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About Computer Services

Computer Services provide IT services to academic and administration functions. It provides general internet services and network services campus-wide.

Computing facilities in the institute are modern and constantly upgraded to ensure students and staff are well equipped with the IT skills they will need in our College environment.

What We Do

Computer Services provide ICT service delivery in respect of the following services.

  • Lab Support
  • IT Helpdesk and Applications Support
  • Network, Infrastructure and Web Support

Lab Support staff provide direct services for academic course delivery. This includes support of audio visual equipment to PC labs and lecture rooms. They also support the staff involved using the Helpdesk application.

IT Helpdesk group deal with ad-hoc requests for services using the Helpdesk application and day-to-day user support and planning for events. This group supports the main application systems for administration offices activities. This group also is responsible for User Creation & Management.

Network and Infrastructure provide support for all network based services and back-end servers. They manage and maintain services to ensure that all IT Services are available and stable on any given day. This includes network service management, web publishing (main website, moodle, etc), database management (SQL Server and MySQL), file and print delivery services for campus users.

For general support you are asked to make requests using the Helpdesk application.

Where We Are

Computer Services have several offices across campus. This page details what each office does and where you should go for support.

Helpdesk - Information Desk

This office is located directly across from the main reception desk in the Whitaker Building. This office is easily accessible to students and staff alike for general support queries. If you have support calls relating to your office machine etc you must use the help desk application at

Opening hours are 10:30 to 13:00 daily.

Academic Support Services Staff

  • Carroll Building / Nursing - go to P1155 / M118
  • Main Campus - go to S209 / S222 / C215 / NW113
  • Library  - go to Library  W229

Lab Support is run from these offices for the relevant areas.

Backend / Admin Support Staff

  • Room E104 / E103 / L129 - This is where all background services are monitored and controlled by Computer Services staff members. It is also where new systems are developed and tested. If you have support issues please log calls via helpdesk so that we can deal with calls in an orderly manner. If you have relevant person contact details please direct calls to this contact via helpdesk.
  • Room E104 - Computer Services secretary

Policies and Procedures

All IT Policies & Procedures are available at

Contact Details