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SIF2 Eastern Regional Alliance Research Projects

Current research projects funded through the SIF2 ERA, Repositioning Learner Assessment fund.

For further information on any of these projects please contact the researcher or view the posters within.

Please click here for information on the forthcoming Symposium on Repositioning Learner Assessment.

1. ICT Learner Assessment in Mathematics by Peter.Morris@dkit.ie and Shane.Dowdall@dkit.ie Poster

The aim of this project is to oversee the introduction of software for "Mathematics for Computing 1" module in Year 1 of B.Sc. in Computing, and to monitor, report and disseminate the outcomes.

2.Effective Learning Journals by Kevin.Howard@dkit.ie Poster

The aim of this project is to improve learning outcomes of a group of 3rd year students, evidence of which is produced in the learning journals they are required to submit for assessment, through a series of workshops that involve the students in the development and application of a set of marking criteria.

3. Learner Assessment in Operations Management by Angela.Short@dkit.ie Poster

The aim of this project is to further develop the online Operations Management module that has been piloted over the last two years, to maximise learner engegement and outcomes, that is the quality of the learning experience. Through a process of ongoing design, delivery, feedback and review, the aim is to produce a model for delivery that can be replicated across disciplines and subjects.

4. e-Portfolios to enhance Student-Centred Learning by Brendan.Ryder@dkit.ie Poster

5. Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching by John.Dallat@dkit.ie Poster