IntEL partners

Two partner organisations are included in IntEL: Uppsala University (Sweden) and Marine Instiute (Ireland).

Dr Don Pierson is a research scientist at Uppsala University (UU) (Sweden) with extensive experience in water research and the response of lakes to climate change. Dr Pierson has supervised 3 PhDs and 9 Post-docs; managed a team of 13 as modelling section chief at New York City Department of Environmental Protection; a remote sensing research team of 5 at UU; and has published >70 peer-reviewed articles. Dr Pierson is leading PROGNOS, and has long involvement in global and European networks dedicated to the improved understanding of lakes; presently in 9 network projects using HFM data, is a member of European LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) & Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science (SITES) networks. 

Dr Elvira de Eyto is a biologist at Marine Instiute (Ireland), and has expertise in freshwater ecology and its application to lake monitoring, with a strong research focus on long-term ecological monitoring of the Burrishoole catchment, an internationally important index site for diadromous fish monitoring ( Dr de Eyto has co-supervised 4 PhDs, and is currently working with 4 Post-docs and 4 PhDs. Dr de Eyto has coauthored >70 peer reviewed publications on a diverse range of subjects.