Funding: DkIT Landscape PhD Funding Programme

Collaborators: Dr Iestyn Woolway (DkIT/European Space Agency), Prof. Eleanor Jennings DkIT

PhD student: Sofia la Fuente Pillco

Managing the effects of directional climate change on ecosystems is one of the greatest challenges currently facing global policy and decision makers. The ISIMIP project (Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project: is an international network of climate-impact modellers working towards simulation of a comprehensive and consistent picture of the world under different climate-change scenarios. The aim of the ISIMIP lake sector is to evaluate effects of warming on lakes across the globe, with an initial focus on projected changes on lake physics and thermal stratification. The postgraduate student on CC-Imagine will contribute to this work through investigating the effects of projected changes in the frequency of storms and heat waves on a set of European lakes, thus contributing to research on the global scale.