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Our courses will prepare you for a career in the fast-paced world of business. finance and marketing. The courses have been designed to introduce students to to the principle business concepts including business, finance, accounting, management skills and marketing expertise.

Our industry focused courses are embedded with opportunities for you to work on live industry projects, in professional practice, or in simulated environments. You will be supported by passionate staff and peers to prepare you for the national or global career as a future business leader.

Business Course Options


BA (Hons) in Business

This three-year honours degree course is a management award that will enable you to work as a business professional who will develop, lead and sustain Irish industry on a national and international basis.


BA (Hons) in Business (based in Monaghan)

This three-year honours degree is a collaborative course delivered jointly with Monaghan Institute. The course will introduce you to the key concepts of business that will help you kickstart your career in business in Ireland and abroad.


BA in Digital Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

This three-year degree course prepares you for direct employment within the marketing communications industry and provides high demand skills in digital marketing and communications.


BB in Business and Management

This 3-year degree course introduces you to the fundamentals of business management and prepares you with the skills to work managing a modern complex business.


BB in Business & Technology

Technology intercepts nearly every aspect of modern business today. Graduates of this three-year degree course will be equipped with the necessary IT skills to excel in modern business today.


BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance

This three-year honours degree course will give you a sound basis for future employment in Accountancy, Financial Services and Business, and will give you the option of further study in accounting and related areas.


Level 8 Add-On Course Options

We offer a variety of Level 8 add-on course options in the area of Business, Finance, Marketing and PR for those students that have completed their Level 7 and wish to progress to a honours degree award option.

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Postgraduate Opportunties

There are a number of highly-renowned postgraduate courses available in the areas of Business, Finance and Marketing for students that wish to progess their studies beyond undergraduate level.

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