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Special Programmes for International Students

Welcome to the School of Business & Humanities at DkIT! We welcome international students to our School who make up almost 20% of our student population.  We are delighted to include you on our programmes as you bring new perspectives and knowledge to our class groups.

If you do not currently qualify for entry onto our degree programmes, we offer a choice of 3 programmes to help you come up to the required standard.  These programmes help to bring your English language skills (reading, listening, note-taking, academic writing, oral skills etc.) to the required level.  They will also help you to adapt to a new educational and cultural environment.  During these programmes students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their academic potential and suitability for entry to DkIT degree programmes. 

As a student preparing to study abroad, you may be looking at foundation courses and considering which to choose. The decision can be a hard one, as you weigh up the details around start dates, entry requirements, levels, course content, and study pathways. In the School of Business and Humanities, we offer three foundation courses to students from overseas. Click any of the links below to view more detailed information.   If you wish to discuss your suitability for entry, please get in contact with our International Office or directly with the Programme Director for the programme.

International Foundation Studies Programmes: