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Construction and Surveying

The Department of Construction and Surveying at DkIT is the first choice for undergraduate and postgraduate study and research in the built environment. Our vast experience of education, research and development in the built environment has given the Department and the Institute an outstanding reputation, attracting students from all over the country.

Construction Technologists and professional Building Surveyors play an absolutely key role in optimising the use of existing structures for modern purposes. The whole thrust of Building Surveying is entirely about sustainability in the built environment. Is it appropriate to refurbish an old building instead of constructing a new one? How can we maximise the use of natural heat and light in a building so as to reduce energy needs? How do you go about retrofitting homes in order to boost their energy efficiency, without creating health hazards? What construction techniques, types of insulation and carbon-efficient heating systems are most appropriate in various situations? The work of these professionals truly is about designing for future sustainability.

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