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Sensor Development

Sensor Development.

This work package involves two parts.

Part A is the improvement and scaling up of a nutrient sensor for integration in to Burrishoole for real-time monitoring. A current autonomous sensor platform for phosphate will be further engineered to improve sensitivity and to build multiple units for deployment. Specifically this work will involve improvements to a microfluidic platform and detection of the analyte to reach detection limits applicable to the catchment and with the ability to detect events in the catchment. This work is overseen by Profs. Regan and Diamond (DCU).

Part B of this WP involves the development of a nucleic acid based biosensor to measure genetic material from Atlantic Salmon. While laboratory based environmental DNA detection systems already exist (quantitative and digital PCR etc) they have not been adapted to a biosensor device for on site detection. We propose to make a portable device enabling the detection of Atlantic Salmon on site using eDNA and alternative approaches to PCR based methods. This work is overseen by Prof. Fiona Regan and Dr. Anne Parle-McDermot.