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Environmental Observation

Environmental Observation System Integration

This WP will build on the existing observation system at Burrishoole using existing and emerging technologies of sensors (sensor sondes, optical clarity, nutrients), aerial imaging, satellite and validation using grab samples. In collaboration with Dr Tim McCarthy at NUI Maynooth, coastal marine monitoring will be carried out using four generic sensor platform inputs: synoptic Satellite Remote Sensing (using latest Sentinel-1,-2 & 3 missions); high altitude airborne survey including both light aircraft (using sensor pod; RGB, Hyperspectral & Thermal); hyper-local Drone platforms - including tethered aerostats (RGB, Thermal & Multispectral) and both mobile and static in-situ marine sensors. Data Acquisition will be configured and captured spatially, thematically and temporally. Data calibration and validation will be carried out to ensure optimum data quality in terms of linking remotely sensed and in situ data. A scalable cloud platform will be provided to enable data collation, upload, indexing, discovery, fusion, analysis & visualisation, adhering to best practice in terms of interoperability including Data Standards (W3C, OGC, INSPIRE) and Open Source software modules (PostgreSQL/PostGIS, OL3).

Algorithms, models and workflows will be developed to enable multi-sensor data fusion, multivariate classification, object/feature extraction and higher-level predictive modeling. This WP outputs can feed directly into existing MSP Directive ( The outputs of this WP will facilitate engagement with the European Space Agency to leverage further funding for longer-term monitoring in this cluster.