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Mid project symposium

On friday the 12th of April, the Marine Institute Furnace hosted our mid project symposium. An interesting day with great speakers and many constructive discussions and questions after the talks and during the breaks. 

Many thanks to everyone that participated and a special thanks to all the presenters: Phil McGinnity, Molly Williams, Joyce O'Grady, R. Iestyn Woolway, Jens Carlsson, Elvira de Eyto, Mikkel René Andersen, Maria Calderó Pascual, Sean Kelly, Elizabeth Tray, Floriane Leseur and Bachar Cheaib.

WP3 & 4 lead Fiona Regan (DCU), Veronica Cunningham (MI) and BEYOND2020 co-lead
Eleanor Jennings (DKIT) discussing the project during the mid project symposium.