Paddy Mc Cann

Patrick McCann is a full-time artist who works in oils and pastel. He has developed his own unique style of photo-realism and pays extreme attention to detail. Patrick has sold his work to numerous private collectors and the general public. He sold recently to a government board and also to the Russian embassy. He exhibits his work at the Art Fair in the RDS, Dublin 4. Patrick accepts commissions and can be contacted by phone or mobile.

"I am a Realist Artist, I believe in painting what I see, catching a beautiful scene for the buyer to cherish for life. I spend long hours in my studio and I am building a great reputation as an artist who pushes super-realism to the extreme, with great attention to detail while catching the light and beauty in each piece of work I do. I exhibit at Art Ireland in the R.D.S. I sell mainly to private collectors, corporate clients and have just recently sold a number of pieces to the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire."

Patrick was recently invited by the Bank of Ireland to showcase his artwork at their headquarters in Baggot Street and College Green Dublin.

Patrick Mc Cann