Celtic Clays Carlingford

Celtic Clays was established in 1995 by husband and wife team Ciarán O'Conboirne and Jenn Fitzgerald. It has since grown to become one of Ireland's leading studio potteries. Indicative of their name Celtic Clays, they produce a stoneware range that is entirely handthrown. Decorated with intricate surface patterns of Celtic design, the pots are further enhanced with rich earthy glazes specially formulated by Ciarán.

From an early age Ciarán appreciated Celtic design but it was not until he became hooked on clay that he found the perfect platform for expressing this appreciation. In addition to the Celts, his equal respect and admiration for the Romans and Greeks, especially in pottery, has been the foundation for many of the forms seen in the Celtic Clays range today. As well as having their own retail gallery where their work can be purchased, Celtic Clays pottery is sold in a variety of locations throughout Ireland, Scotland, England, and the United States.