Students with Disabilities (DARE)

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DkIT believes that all students make a valuable contribution to our community – none more so than students with a disability. We extend a warm and supportive welcome to such students and will do everything we can to help you fulfil your potential.

The Institute continually works to improve access for people with disabilities and/or specific learning difficulties to its programmes. The admissions route is the same for all applicants i.e. through the Central Applications Office.

Updates for 2021

Due to COVID-19, some criteria for applying to DARE has changed for this year only. The changes are as follows: 

  1. A Digital School Stamp and Signature will be accepted on the EIS this year. Further details here
  2. The date of updated literacy and numeracy scores for those applying under the Specific Learning Difficulties. Further details here

Admission Route for Applicants with a Disability

The Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) is a third level supplementary admissions scheme for school leavers who, because of the impact of their disability may not meet the competitive CAO points for the programme of their choice. DkIT has joined the DARE scheme for entry from September 2019.

The following disabilities are eligible for consideration under DARE:

    • Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism
    • Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Blind/Vision Impaired
    • Deaf/Hearing Impaired
    • DCD Dyspraxia/Dyspraxia
    • Mental Health Condition
    • Neurological Conditions (incl. Brain Injury, Speech and Language Disabilities)
    • Ongoing Medical Condition (incl. Epilepsy, Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease)
    • Physical Disability
    • Specific Learning Difficulty (incl. Dyslexia and Dyscalculia)

How to Apply for DARE:

    • Apply to the CAO before the 1st February and indicate that you have a disability/specific learning difficulty.
    • You will then be directed to an online form and asked to submit evidence of your disability by 15th March.
    • For a complete guide on how to apply to DARE please see

DARE Application Process Videos

The videos below give an overview of DARE and a break down the DARE application process. All these videos have been taken from


1. What is DARE?

  • What Colleges take part in DARE?
  • What disabilities/conditions are considered by DARE?

1What is DARE from CAO on Vimeo.

2. Is DARE for me?

This video explains the Educational Impact Indicators.

2Is DARE for me from CAO on Vimeo.

3. How do I apply to DARE? Part 1

This video explains:

  • How to apply to DARE
  • How to complete the online Supplementary Information Form (Section A) Questions 1 – 5
  • How to Carry Forward Eligibility from 2020 to 2021

3DARE Online Application.mp4 from CAO on Vimeo.

4. How do I apply to DARE? Part 2

Sections B & C Supporting Documents

This video outlines what supporting documents are required to complete your DARE application.

4DARE Supporting Documents.mp4 from CAO on Vimeo.

5. Summary of the DARE Application Process

5Summary of DARE Application.mp4 from CAO on Vimeo.

DkIT Entry Requirements:

You must achieve the minimum entry requirements for each course and meet any programme specific requirements. Minimum entry requirements vary from course to course and are listed under each course on our course listing page

How many places are available in DKIT under DARE?

DKIT reserve a maximum of 5% of places on each programme for eligible DARE applicants.

How DARE offers are made:

DARE eligible students who meet minimum entry requirements and specific subject requirements are eligible to compete for a reduced points place on any of DkIT programmes. DARE applicants will be considered for reduced points places when they are within a 10% range of the cut-off point at the time when the DARE offers are made through the CAO. In recognition of national targets to increase the number of students with sensory and physical disabilities, DkIT will prioritise applicants within these target groups when making DARE offers.

All DARE course offers will be made via CAO.

For further information on applying to DARE:

DARE Information Leaflet

For more information about DARE and the application timeline please download the leaflet below.

Download DARE Information Leaflet

Queries about applying to DkIT as a student with a disability?

  • Geraldine Kneel
  • Student Disability Officer