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Advanced Entry / Transfer / Add-On Courses

All the information you need for beyond first year entry, advanced entry, transfer and add-on courses applications to DkIT.

Advanced Entry Applications to DkIT - How to apply

Direct Applications/Add-On Applications

DkIT's Higher Certificate and Ordinary Degree qualifications are designed to be terminal qualifications and to prepare people for employment. However, a significant number of students use these qualifications to transfer to Ordinary Degree or Honours Degree Courses in the Institute and beyond. Whatever level you enter a programme, you can choose to graduate at that level or you can progress to the next level, providing you get the required grades.

To illustrate what this means, if you enter at Higher Certificate Level 6 you can choose to either graduate with a Higher Certificate or, you can progress on to Level 7 and beyond. Every student in DkIT can progress to at least Honours degree (Level 8) and there are many opportunities to progress to PhD Level 10.

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Advanced Entry and Add-On Ordinary Degree/Honours Degree Programmes

All applications for advanced entry and add-on ordinary degree/ honours degree programmes should be made directly to Dundalk Institute of Technology Admissions Office by Friday 10th June 2022.  Late applications may be accepted in exceptional cases.  

Ordinary Degree (Level 7) (post-Higher Certificate) Programmes: In order to proceed to an add-on ordinary degree (post-higher certificate) programme in DkIT you will need to have completed a higher certificate course in DkIT, or equivalent elsewhere.

Honours Degree (Level 8) (post-Ordinary Degree) Programmes: In order to proceed to one of our add-on honours degree programmes you will need to have completed an ordinary degree course in DkIT, or equivalent elsewhere, and to have obtained the relevant qualifying standard at award level.

Transferring to DkIT

We are pleased to welcome students who have completed Higher Certificate (Level 6) or Ordinary Degrees (Level 7) programmes in other Institutes and who wish to pursue relevant Ordinary Degrees (Level 7) or Honours Degree (Level 8) programmes at DkIT. The same requirements as those people applying for Add-On Applications.

Application Forms

Application forms are available from the Admissions Office or the relevant Department office in the Institute. Please download and complete this application form and submit it by attaching it to an email and sending to

Advanced Entry Application Form (.doc)

Add-On Degree Application Form (.doc)


Applications must be submitted by the last Friday in April by email.

General Enquiries

  • Admissions Office
  • Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

*Students should be aware that the decision to admit transfers is totally at the discretion of the receiving institution."
"FETAC Students: Apply to the Central Applications Office before 1st May at or at Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway.