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Leaving Certificate Requirements

The below information provides information on the Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements for applying to study at dkit. Please select the relevant category from the link below:

Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements

Level 7 Degree Programmes

The standard minimum entry requirement for first-year admission to Level 7 Ordinary Degree Courses at DkIT is:

  • Six Grades at O6 or H7 in Leaving Certificate
    • INCLUDING At least one H5 Grade, OR Minimum Points Score of 200
    • AND Mathematics Grade F2, O6 or H7
    • AND English Grade O6 or H7 OR Irish Grade O6 or H7

Level 8 (Honours) Degree Programmes

The standard minimum entry requirement for first year admission to Level 8 Honours Degree Courses at DkIT is:

  • Six Grades at O6 or H7 in Leaving Certificate 
    • INCLUDING At least two H5 Grades
    • AND Mathematics Grade O6 or H7
    • AND English Grade O6 or H7 OR Irish Grade O6 or H7

Bonus Points for Honours Mathematics

A bonus of 25 points will be allocated to students who achieve a grade H6 or above in higher level mathematics in the Irish Leaving Certificate examination. This means that the maximum cumulative Leaving Certificate points total is 625. Bonus points will be awarded irrespective of the year in which the examinations were taken. The bonus points will only be relevant in cases where the higher level mathematics subject (including bonus points) is scored as one of the candidate’s six best subjects for point’s purposes. Consequently, if higher level mathematics (cumulative points score) is not among these six subjects, the bonus points will not be included in the total points score.


Results % Range 


Higher  Leaving Certificate Grade

Points for Higher
Level Subjects                               

Points for Higher Level Mathematic

(including 25 bonus points)

Ordinary Leaving     Certificate Grade


Points for Ordinary
Level Subjects                                 

90 - 100  H1   100  125   01  56
80 < 90  H2  88  113  02  46
70 < 80  H3  77  102  03  37
60 < 70  H4  66  91  04   28
50 < 60  H5  56  81  05  20
40 < 50  H6  46  71  06  12
30 < 40  H7  33  33  07  0
0 < 30  H8   0  0  08  0

Foundation Level Mathematics

Foundation level mathematics will be accepted as a passing subject for Level 7 courses where Leaving Certificate Mathematics is not a specific subject requirement.

Foundation Level Mathematics does not meet the entry requirements for Level 8 courses.

The minimum Level 7 entry requirement in Mathematics is as follows:

  • F2 at Foundation Level
  • Or a O6 at Ordinary Level
  • Or a H7 at Higher Level

Where a grade of F2 or higher is achieved and Foundation Level Mathematics is acceptable for entry to a specific course, the following points scoring system will be used:

Grade   Points 
F1                                                                          20                                                                             
F2                                                                          12                                                                             


Specific Course Entry Requirements:

Find out more information on the Specific Course Entry Requirements for Leaving Certificate Students and Northern Ireland/UK Students for applying to study at DkIT.

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