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Child Protection and Garda Vetting

 DKIT owes a duty of care to all its students, but it also has a particular responsibility to safeguard the welfare of any individual under the age of 18. All students are advised to familiarise themselves with our Child Protection Policy, and must be aware of their responsibilities under the policy. The policy is available here.

  • DkIT reserves the right to request any student to complete the Garda/Police Vetting procedures and, in particular, any student who may be dealing with children and other vulnerable groups even where this is incidental to participation in the programme concerned.

  • If during the course of the admissions process for a programme, or by any other means including disclosure by the applicant/student, it transpires that the applicant/student has a criminal conviction which gives rise to a reasonable concern that the applicant/student may represent a risk to others, and, in particular, to a child or vulnerable adult, full details of the conviction will be sought both from the applicant/student and also by means of the Garda/Police Vetting procedure.

  • If an applicant/student must undergo the garda/police vetting procedure it should be noted that if you have lived outside Ireland from the age of 16+ for a sustained period (6 months or more) you must provide Police vetting from the country of residence for this period.

  • Registration on a programme is conditional until successful completion of vetting procedures (where applicable).

  • Note there are number of programmes where Garda/Police Vetting is an automatic requirement due to the placement component of the programme.

  • The Institute reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to register an applicant where to do so might impact on the Institute’s duty of care to others.