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Strategic Priorities, Goals, Objectives and KPIs

The five Strategic Priorities identified are presented with associated high-level strategic goals, objectives and key performance indicators for the next three years.

Priority 1

The Changing Landscape in terms of Designations, Mergers and Alliances

DkIT is unequivocally committed to achieving Technological University (TU) status. This will future-proof the Institute in meeting the educational, economic, social and cultural needs of the region. In doing so, the Institute will ensure that greater numbers of students are attracted to the region and will contribute to economic, social and cultural fabric within the communities by choosing to stay and work in the region after they graduate.

An important aspect of DkIT’s collaborative engagements with other institutions is the existence of ‘focal points’ or common interests, which serve to give both parties mutual benefits. The Institute has an established and valued strategic alliance with DCU, NEFHEA, the MEND cluster and Cross-Border Partner Institutions and these will be further enhanced.

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Goal 1

To achieve TU status for DkIT under the Technological Universities Act 2018.

Goal 2

To enhance the Institute’s position within the North Leinster-South Ulster region of learning.

Excellent Teaching and Learning and Quality of Learner Experiences

Priority 2

Excellent Teaching and Learning and Quality of Learner Experiences

Internationally and nationally, the concept of ‘student success’ has become increasingly influential as a means of understanding and enhancing the learner experience. The term reflects a shift in thinking and emphasis: learning rather than attainment and engagement rather than retention. 

Informed by the needs of our learners and our region, DkIT is committed to promoting student success by ensuring a high quality, supportive learner experiences that foster the development of graduates who are work-ready and can contribute positively to their communities. 

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Goal 3

To maintain a high-quality, inclusive learner experience that supports all our learners, holistically, and in their diversity, to achieve their potential.

Goal 4

To foster the development of learners as graduates, personally and professionally, who can contribute positively to society.

High Quality, Internationally Competitive Research and Innovation

Priority 3

High Quality, Internationally Competitive Research and Innovation

The Institute will strive to actively support its research community in their endeavours, both established and early career researchers. It is only through this that the Institute can attain its research vision to be a leader in its research themes. Research, is a critical and integral part of the overall learning environment of the Institute for its staff and student body.

The guiding principle is to embed the Institute’s research activities within its academic Schools through the implementation of a suite of strategic actions. 

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Goal 5

Focus and drive research and innovation excellence in an enabling environment, which is internationally competitive and has societal and economic impact which informs our teaching and learning environment.

Goal 6

Sustain existing and build new collaborative research and innovation networks, nationally and internationally, of scale so as to increase the visibility and impact of our research and innovation.

Enhanced National and International Engagement

Priority 4

Enhanced National and International Engagement

DkIT’s role in the integrated development and enhancement of the economic, social and cultural life of the globally connected cross-border region is at the centre of DkIT’s Strategy.

The Institute is committed to its engagement with cross-border regional enterprises, communities, state and semi-state bodies, educational providers and other key stakeholders for the benefit of the region. 

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Goal 7

To increase the level of responsiveness to external organisations focusing on areas of academic excellence, flexible learning provision, research and innovation strengths.

Goal 8

To enhance and widen learner experience and global awareness by sustained development of inbound and outbound internationalisation.

Organisational Development and Corporate Excellence

Priority 5

Organisational Development and Corporate Excellence

DkIT aims to deliver on its promise to learners, to the community and to the region. Staff will be empowered through effective communication and continuous professional development.

The Institute’s Campus Development Plan 2011-2021 will be updated to reflect the current capital requirements. In addition, a new IT Plan will be developed to reflect the requirements for a 21st education in terms of digital infrastructure, new modes of learning and connectivity.

A fundamental principle within the strategy is to ensure the longer-term financial sustainability of the Institute. All future resource planning will be strategically aligned to the overall mission and vision, underpinned by the financial considerations.

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Goal 9

To enhance the Institutes reputation as an organisation committed to sustainable excellence, equality and wellbeing for all learners and staff.

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This Strategic Plan 2020-2023 plots a new trajectory for DkIT in driving globally connected educational, economic social and cultural development in the region. 

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