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Preparing For Your Work Placement

Placement Student Information - What I need to know

Work Placement is a compulsory assessed module of your programme of study.
Placement is a vital aspect of your learning journey at DkIT with a range of benefits for you including:

  • Enhancing your third level study experience - experiential learning
  • Putting learning into practice – making sense of theory
  • Learning in “Real Time” - in a supportive, professional environment
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Personal Growth & Confidence
  • Motivates for remainder of study period
  • Test out career options
  • Contributing to the work of an organisation in your chosen area of study
  • Increases employability – through relevant work experience and references
  • Build contact base for future employment

Additional information is found below.

Work Placement — A Best Practice Guide for Students

Securing a Work Placement is similar to that of getting a job and therefore is a competitive process. Think about what an employer is looking for in a full time employee and how you can best match that criteria and add value to the organisation.
The list of resources below will be useful not only to your placement experience but also to your job hunting skills when you graduate.


It is common practice that companies/ host sites will require students to attend interview to secure their placement. An interview can be a daunting experience for students but with focused preparation and research you can eliminate many of your concerns and fears.

Sample Interview Questions

Interview Preparation Guide

GradIreland — Graduate Job Interview Guide

CVs and Cover Letters

A quality CV that shows you in your best light can make all the difference.

See Our CV Templates

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We can provide one-to-one support in CV preparation and Interview Skills.

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