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About Work Placements

What is work placement?

Work placement is a central feature of a number of programmes of study across DkIT, where students participate in a structured and assessed period of work experience in a relevant professional setting.
It is on placement that students can really experience where academic learning can be applied and tested in a real-life working environment, laying the foundations for each student's personal career path.
In essence, work placement is learning in real time; developing skills, gaining knowledge and cultivating the attitude that is required from graduates across academic disciplines and professional fields.

What services do we provide?

The Placement Office co-ordinates the work placements of over 900 students per year within the Schools of Business & Humanities, Health & Science, Informatics & Creative Arts.

Work placement is a partnership between the student, the host organisation and the Institute.The Placement Office is the central point of contact for each of these parties in relation to the preparation, logistics, administration, management and on-going development of work placement. We have developed valuable linkages with a wide range of industries across the academic disciplines, throughout Ireland and abroad. Consistently working on expanding our industry linkages, we work to ensure that work placement is a mutually beneficial relationship where students are afforded a unique learning experience and organisations are provided with a student who contributes to the benefit of the workplace.

Support services include:

  • Central contact and information point for all parties involved in student placement
  • Preparation Workshops for students – Profession Skills Profiling, CV and Interview preparation
  • Follow-up One-to-One student support and guidance
  • Co-ordination of associated requirements for placement – additional training, health & safety requirements
  • Developing linkages with employers and host organisations
  • Providing information and resource packs for students, host organisations and academic staff relevant to each specific placement programme
  • Ensuring feedback from placement experience to improve the process and to inform course development
  • Liaise with the Admissions Office regarding Garda Clearance

What is the standard Placement Process Overview?

Each placement programme has a dedicated Placement Officer that works in conjunction with the academic team to ensure the student secures a placement that will support their learning requirements and nurture their professional development.
All work placements must be officially approved by the Placement Office and primarily involves the process of CV selection and competitive interview, but can also be secured by direct matching. The process is determined by the host organisation. 
Your Placement Officer will provide both group and one-to-one support to the student in the researching, sourcing, securing placement and ongoing support of student whilst on placement.

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