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Steering Group

Promoting Consent and Preventing Sexual Violence (PCPSV) Steering Group at DkIT.

The institute has established a new Promoting Consent and & Preventing Sexual Violence (PCPSV) Steering Group which will oversee the development and implementation of the new programme.

This group recognises the breadth of stakeholders across the University who have a role to play in ensuring the development of an institutional campus culture that is safe, respectful, and supportive. This group comprises representatives from students and staff at various levels in addition to external experts from the Technological Higher Education Association (THEA), Rape Crisis Northeast and the Garda Inspectorate within the region.

Group Membership

Name Role in DkIT
Sheila Flanagan Vice President DkIT (Chairperson)
Gertie Raftery Student Counselling DkIT
Gerald O'Driscoll HR Manager DkIT
Gerard Collins An Garda
Geraldine Kneel Disability Officer DkIT
Linda Murphy Student Services Manager DkIT
Madeleine Thornton DkIT
Martin McHugh DkIT
Grace Mc Ardle RCNE
Derek Crilly DkIT
Patricia Smyth Health Unit DkIT
Student Union President  
Student Union Vice President Welfare  
Edel Healy DkIT
Fiona Lawless DkIT

Key priorities:

  1. An awareness raising campaign around consent for staff and students
  2. Ongoing communications campaign throughout the year to disseminate information and create discussion among staff and students
  3. Development of an institute-wide Sexual Misconduct Policy
  4. Implementation of a new anonymous reporting tool to be implemented for staff and students to report any incidences of sexual harassment and violence and get access to relevant support

Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan

Detailed action plan on how Dundalk Institute of Technology is looking to tackle sexual violence and harassment.

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