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Overview of Placement

What is work placement

Work placement is a partnership between the student, host organisation and the Institute. Students participate in a structured, supervised and assessed period of work experience relevant to their area of study.

What is work placement

Why take a placement student

  • Motivated and enthusiastic undergraduates who are willing and eager to learn
  • Informed and skilled individuals who can make worthwhile contributions to the host organisation
  • Fresh eyes – students can provide new perspectives and approaches to problems
  • Extra resource to start/complete specialised projects
  • Shaping course design – your participation will inform on-going curriculum development
  • Form of graduate recruitment
  • Strengthens partnership with DkIT

What is required of the host organisation?

  • Environment which supports student learning
  • Induction – Health & Safety, work practices and procedures
  • Provide formal supervision
  • Provide on-going feedback and evaluation to student
  • Work supervisor to sign off on key placement documentation
  • Meet with visiting DkIT academic supervisor and student

How are placements arranged?

Securing placement can take many forms including:

  • Matching – a student is matched with approved placement site by DkIT
  • CV Selection – host organisation selects from student CVs
  • Interview based – host organisation selects following formal interview with student

Additional Information

  • All students sign a DkIT Student Placement Code of Conduct
  • Garda/Police vetting is completed by each student attending placements working with children or vulnerable adults
  • DkIT work placement insurance will be provided for each student who attends placement within Ireland

A message from DkIT President, Michael Mulvey:

DkIT’s academic programme incorporates a placement with a range of highly successful companies and organisations in Ireland and internationally.  We are very appreciative of the talent and resources that our partner companies bring to bear on implementing this very important stage in each students development. It is a very good example of companies giving back to their region and playing an active role in higher education.