Careers & Employability Policies

Health and Safety Requirements

Certain placement programmes have health and safety criteria that the students must satisfy in order to be approved to attend placement.

  • Health & Safety Statements
  • Garda/Police Vetting
  • Training Requirements

Garda / Police Vetting Policy

Garda / Police Vetting is a pre-requisite for attending placement on certain programmes of study at DkIT. In these cases the students must adhere fully to the Garda Vetting process. Approval from DkIT to attend placement is subject to outcome of the Garda Vetting process. 
Issues that impact on Garda Vetting include:

  • Any minors (students under the age of 18) must get their Parent/Guardian to complete the official Consent form for the minor to be vetted
  • Any student who has lived outside Ireland from 16 years of age must receive Police Vetting from the named country of residence It is the students own responsibility to liaise directly with the Embassy of that country and follow their identified procedures. Copies of this Police Vetting must be submitted to the Placement/Allocations Office prior to attending placement. The use of a Sworn Affidavit may be accepted for those students in exceptional circumstance who are unable to provide police vetting for their previous countries of residence. 

Garda Vetting Policy for Students

Work Placement Code of Conduct

This document outlines the expected behaviour and conduct of all DkIT work placement students.
It is based on the principals of professionalism, respect and confidentiality.
All students must sign this document prior to attending work placement, and ensure that their conduct is line with the outlined expectations.

Student Placement Code of Conduct

Terms & Conditions of Student Placement

This document outlines the requirements of all DkIT students attending placement. It cover the process of sourcing, securing and completion placements. All students who are registered on a DkIT programme of study with a formal placement module are subject to these terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions of Student Placement

Career Guidance Contract

This document sets the conditions for the one-to-one Careers Guidance Appointment.

Career Guidance Contract

Policies & Guidelines

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