#DkIT Incredibles in Isolation

We all know that DkIT is filled with incredible students that do incredible things and we think it is important to showcase them to the nation during the difficult time.


"To be inspired is great, to inspire is Incredible"

Social Media and the wider news can often be filled with negativity and get us down, but we can help make a change to this.

DkIT is looking for students to tell us what incredible things they are getting up to during this isolation period. Whether it’s a creative way of studying at home, supporting vulnerable people in your community, TicTok video challenges, fun stories of how you are interacting with your friends during the strange time or inspirational ideas to share, we want to hear it! 

These stories really show the true spirit of DkIT and highlight our power as a community. They can also help uplift and inspire others who may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the current situation. We would therefore really love to share these stories to our audiences via our digital channels

How To Take Part

If you have any stories you would like to share with us, just fill out the form below with your name, DkIT email address, and a short paragraph about your story/idea you have and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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