Summary of all renewable energy and energy reduction efforts

“Climate change is a subtle form of human rights violation. There is no direct persecution or threat, but combustion of fossil fuels in industrialised nations has jeopardised the ability of certain societies to maintain their traditional practices, diminishing their cultural identity and their connection with their natural environment.”
─Mary Robinson

Energy poses one of the greatest threats of the 21st century. Globally energy demand will be almost 35% higher in 2030 than in 2005 ( With this in mind, DkIT has implemented numerous actions in an effort to reduce our energy consumption. Reducing energy is a formidable mission. Our reliance on fossil fuels for energy is staggering.

Our goal is the reduce consumption by 50% by 2015

Wind Turbine

In August 2005 the Centre for Renewable Energy (CREDIT) installed the world’s first large commercial wind turbine to be located on a college campus. It cost 1.127m euro to install and got 40% grant assistance. The wind turbine generates approximately 50% of DkIT’s electricity needs, averaging 1.5 million units a year which saves the college 150k per year. It saves about 900 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year and has saved the college thousands of euros.

Flow Battery

In 2010 the college installed an Electricity Storage Flow Battery. This battery can store electricity at times when the wind turbine is producing more energy than the Institute can utilise and can store electricity for re-use at peak times or when electricity prices are higher. It is has 500kWh of storage capacity and is the first system of this scale in Europe and the first in the world with and wind autoproducer. It cost 600k euro and was mostly funded by Enterprise Ireland.

Building Energy Rating (BER)

A Building Energy Rating (BER) is a comprehensive energy assessment of a property carried out by a qualified and registered BER Assessor. Our energy rating was above average compared to similar properties (Certified 2009) Rating was between B3& D1.

Energy Policy

An energy policy is currently been drafted. We recognise that this will play an important role in reducing energy consumption across the college.

Switch OFF campaign

Switch IT Off Campaign will be launched in the coming months to raise awareness on energy efficiency.

Lighting replacement

Old GLS bulbs have been replaced with Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL). CFLs are state-of-the-art energy saver lamps. They save 80% energy and have long life.

Ice Bank

The ice bank has been installed in Carrolls building and is used to cool the building. It consists of around 8 large ice storage cylinders having a total of about 40 tonnes of ice. It can be charged (cooled) at night at cheap electricity rates and discharges (releases cold energy) in to cool the building during the day time. Biggest use is in summer months.